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The 108 days yoga challenge @ Symbiosis is all about making Yoga an integral part of one’s life thereby enhancing the quality of life.

This is the first edition of the event which is open to all the students and staff of Symbiosis. This includes all the campuses of Symbiosis Pune, Nashik, Bangalore, Noida & Hyderabad.

108 Day Yoga Challenge Report
  • Event History

    As a Health Promoting University (HPU), SIU has been celebrating World Yoga Day on 21st June every year, for the last three years.

    IYD 2015

    SIU conducted a survey amongst students and staff to understand their background knowledge and attitude towards practice of yoga. Objective was to understand perception of yoga and yog literacy amongst the students and staff community. SIU also launched the Symbiosis Centre for Yoga (SCY).

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    IYD 2016

    As part of continued education / training, SIU introduced DESK YOGA. Yoga Popups were introduced on the desk / laptop of each staff member at designated timings of the day, reminding one about specific asanas which can be practiced at one’s workplace.
    Self-Management of Excessive Tension (SMET) workshop was conducted by S-VYASA University for the leadership team at SIU.

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    IYD 2017

    This year, SIU will celebrate International Yoga Day as the Year of PRANA and the 108 days yoga challenge which is a part of continued education / training.

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Why 108 days?

  • 108 is a Harshad Number, an integer divisible by the sum of its digits. Harshad in Sanskrit means “joy-giver.”

  • 108 marma points, or sacred places of the body. There are said to be 108 energy lines, or nadis, converging to form the heart chakra.

  • The number 108 has held a multi-dimensional meaning throughout history

  • We have 108 beads in a mala.

  • Astronomical significance: viz. the diameter of the Sun multiplied by 108 equals the distance between Sun and Earth; the diameter of the Moon multiplied by 108 equals the distance between Earth and Moon; the diameter of the Sun is 108 times the diameter of the Earth

  • Rules of the Challenge

    To compete in the 108 days Yoga Challenge, you need to comply with the following requirements:

    Practice Yoga for 108 days Anytime - Anywhere

    Spend a minimum of 15-20 Minutes in a day (you may do more)

    Practice any 6 Days a week

    Perform a minimum of 2 Suryanamaskar & 5-10 mins of Pranayam

  • How do I prepare for the challenge?

    You have been sensitized to Pranayama & Namaskars on the occasion of IDY on 21st of June.

    Symbiosis will be conducting 12 practice sessions in each campus.

    Practice Sessions - 3rd July to 31st July 2017 Last 1 hour of duty

    Devote a minimum of 15 to 20 mins a day.

    There is no upper limit, but 15 to 20 mins is the minimum you need to do Yoga 6 days a week.

  • Important dates

    Registration dates -


    Practice Dates -


    Challenge Dates -


    Results -


  • Schedule for Practice Sessions

    Execution Practice sessions for Staff- Institute which works till 6 pm

    1.     4.30 pm – 4.40 pm – Changing as per Yoga requirements
    2.     4.40 pm – 4.45 pm – Shithilikaran
    3.     4.45 pm – 5.05 pm – Suryanamaskar
    4.     5.05 pm – 5.15 pm – Any two Pranayama
    5.     5.15 pm – 5.20 pm – Shavasana
    6.     5.20 pm – 5.30 pm – change and depart

    Execution Practice sessions for Staff – Institute which works till 5 pm

    1.     4.00 pm – 4.10 pm – Changing as per Yogar equirements
    2.     4.10 pm – 4.15 pm – Shithilikaran
    3.     4.15 pm – 4.35 pm – Suryanamaskar
    4.     4.35 pm – 4.45 pm – Any two Pranayama
    5.     4.45 pm – 4.50 pm – Shavasana
    6.     4.50 pm – 5.00 pm – change and depart

    Students will follow the RWC timings of yoga for their training session in the month of July.

  • Venue for Practice Sessions

    Institute Venue
    SIMS , SICSR, ELTIS & SIG RWC Khadki campus
    SIIB,SCMHRD & SCIT RWC Hinjewadi Campus
    SIHS,SSE,SCHC & Society RWC SB Road campus
    SLS, SSLA, SSIS, SID,SCMS,SSMC RWC New Viman nagar
    Institutes of Lavale hill top & Lavale hill base RWC Lavale hill top
    SIOM RWC Nashik
    SIBM & SSMC Bangalore RWC Bangalore
    SLS & SIBM Hyderabad RWC Hyderabad
    SLS & SCMS Noida RWC Noida
  • Recording your Yoga data

    This event website will be setup with a Data Submit page from where you will be able to submit your daily Yoga data (Number of Namaskars and time for Pranayama) using the login details which will be provided to you.

    You will be required to submit your Yoga data within 7 days of the actual date for each day.

  • Where do I do my Yoga?

    Anywhere, as long as you perform. In your home, In nature, in a park, around your office, it does not matter just do it.

    So, these are the basic rules. Additional details about the event are available on the event FAQ page. Please check it out, it is a must read.


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